Rope Tote Bag DIY

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Any mom, or just about all women, could relate, we all need a big bag that could carry all our things. Not just our things. The baby stuff too. We all need that bag that we could wear to the beach or to the grocery store but without having to look so outdated. And you can without spending a lot of money. How? By making it yourself, of course. Just take a look at this simply charming.

Rope Tote Bag DIY

Learn how at We Are Scout.

Amazing, huh? And it’s made of rope! You would be proud to strut it when doing your grocery shopping or when you are having a nice day out with friends. It’s so spacious too. The paint makes a stunning finishing touch. Or you can use a colored rope. Have a fun time crafting.

FMS Super Soft Triple-Strand

Fashionable Sequined Tote Bag

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Sparkly, functional, and inexpensive. Yes, please. Turn a plain-looking canvas tote bag into a usable bag you would love to wear when you go for groceries or anywhere. A fashionista shopper that is.

Fashionable Sequined Tote Bag

Go to Persia Lou.

We love how easy and craft it was using canvas bag and sequins. You can customize it. Make it into “Mom” and give it just in time for Mother’s Day.

Green Earth Bags Reusable Cotton Canvas Grocery Tote Bag 3 count

Crochet Yarn Tote Perfect for a Beach Getaway

The weather is getting warmer. And for sure, you will be hitting the beach soon. We long to feel the wind on our face and the sun on our skin. Whether or not you are already planning your beach getaway, you can look forward to it and plan ahead. Swimsuits, sun block, shades, and, of course, your own tote bag.

Crochet Yarn Tote Perfect for a Beach Getaway

Step-by-step tutorial at Hands Occupied.

Use your free time to start crocheting your own tote bag and other accessories. If you are just learning this craft, make sure you have the complete crochet set and yarn. Read this book for beginners as well. Have fun!

Crochet Kit

Summer Craft – DIY Duck Canvas Tote

This summer, for sure you will be spending a lot of time under the sun. Maybe you have a family outing at the beach, camping, or go out of town for a few days. For these activities, you will need a bag where you can put all of your stuff it. Since we prefer homemade things rather than buying it from a store, you can just make your own tote bag.

Summer Craft - DIY Duck Canvas Tote

Read the full tutorial at The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood.

Excited to spend your summer outdoors? make sure you have everything you need with the help of this tote bag. So get your canvas roll, wood burner, and other materials and start crafting.

Duck CanvasDo you want to learn how to sew? Or maybe you want to take your basic skills further. You can sign up in an online class!

Online Sewing Class