Palm Tree Easter Eggs DIY

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How’s your spring so far? Maybe you’re not feeling it yet where you are because there are still some snow and it’s still a bit cold. This kind of season just makes you long for beach, sun, and palm trees. You can definitely take that ambiance into your home. And now that it’s Easter, you can make it crafty project.

Palm Tree Easter Eggs DIY

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Certainly sure like a lot of fun decorating and painting these Easter eggs life this. Ask the children to help you out. This will give them something else to do too rather than watch TV or use their gadgets. The cardstock leaves do look pretty. It’s a fun way to get summer and Easter to your home. Have fun crafting!

Acrylic Paint Set By Color Technik

Fun Summer Craft – Fruity Slice Umbrellas

During these hot summer days, we bring our umbrellas with us all the time to shade us from the sun. And why bring those boring and dull umbrellas? It’s summer! Everything should be fun and fruity! Yes, fruity! Make your afternoon stroll in the park, by the beach, or just about anywhere, brighter with this fun fun fun summer craft!

Fun Summer Craft - Fruity Slice Umbrellas

Learn how to make it at Studio DIY.

Admit it, you find it fun and cute too. So get your boring umbrellas and craft paints and start crafting.

Yellow Umbrella


Spend a Nice Lazy Afternoon With a DIY Hammock

The weather is perfect to take the afternoon outside, lay back and relax along with your ice-cold drink. We sometimes long for than refreshing and serene moments alone where you can unwind and smell the fresh air, or just simply take a good nap. The perfect summer project for this craft is a hammock so you can have a nice and lazy afternoon.

Spend a Nice Lazy Afternoon With a DIY Hammock

Learn how to make it at The Merrythought.

Have you tried sewing before? Maybe you want to enhance your skills. Learn more with the help of this book or enroll on an online class to get your started.

sewing in no time

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DIY Zipper Pouches

You know the feeling that you have a hard time searching for some things in your bag and you too well that you’ve put it there? Quite frustrating. So to minimize the mess, here come the pouches where you can keep your keys, coins, make ups, sunnies, or phone. We love these because it can keep all our stuff inside our bag but without the clutter.

DIY Zipper Pouches

Read the full tutorial at Fall for DIY.

If you’re new to sewing, maybe this book can help you out. Find the right patterned fabric and you’ll surely be off to a good start.

Chevron Patterned Fabric