The Detox Drink That You Need This New Year

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Happy New Year, everyone! I you all had a blast celebrating the holidays. May your life be filled of wonderful memories. And how about your tummy? We hope they have been filled as well! All those parties and gatherings, food and lots of food! If you are worried about the things you’ve eaten, well, it’s time to start your new year’s resolution then. Take good care of your body… Let’s start the year fresh and healthy with this detox drink to wash all those toxins away.

The Detox Drink That You Need This New Year

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This detox drink is packed with all the nutrients that you need, at the same time, cleansing your body. Plus, you can blend it up in minutes. If you decide to make your 2018 healthier, here’s a recipe book for you. Start the New Year right! Stay healthy and positive, everyone. Let’s make it the best year yet.

The Healthy Smoothie Bible: Lose Weight, Detoxify, Fight Disease, and Live Long

Autumn Recipes – Pumpkin Brownies Roundup

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11 Pumpkin Brownies Recipes

Time is indeed flying fast. The next thing you know, it’s autumn already. Maybe you can feel it in the air already. There are so much things that you can look forward to this season. One of those things is pumpkin! Not just for carving during Halloween but yummy desserts that you can bake that just shouts autumn.

Pumpkin, spice, and everything nice. Let’s celebrate this season with these pumpkin brownies that are oh-so delicious, easy to make and so moist that you can almost taste it.

Chocolate Pumpkin & Almond Butter BrowniesChocolate Pumpkin & Almond Butter Brownies by Travelling Oven


Pumpkin Pie BrowniesPumpkin Pie Brownies by Mon Petit Four


Flourless Pumpkin Breakfast BrowniesFlourless Pumpkin Breakfast Brownies by The Big Man’s World


Pumpkin Brownies with Maple Cream Cheese FrostingPumpkin Brownies with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting by Food Gal


Pumpkin Cream Brownies with Chocolate GanachePumpkin Cream Brownies with Chocolate Ganache by Peach and Plenty


Healthy BrowniesHealthy Brownies by David D


Sweet Harvest Pumpkin BrowniesSweet Harvest Pumpkin Brownies by The Endless Meal


Pumpkin Spice BlondiesPumpkin Spice Blondies by Broke Foodies


Biscoff Pumpkin Brookie BarsBiscoff Pumpkin Brookie Bars by Yummy Crumble


Small Batch Pumpkin Seed Flour BrowniesSmall Batch Pumpkin Seed Flour Brownies by Oatmeal With A Fork


Vegan Pumpkin BrowniesVegan Pumpkin Brownies by Neurotic Mommy

Valentine’s Rabbit Snack for Kids

Valentine's Day Healthy Kids Snack - Hummus Rabbit

Do  your kids like to cook with you? Well here is great way to have a little fun by creating this rabbit.  They can even get creative on how he holds the heart, that can make for some good laughs trying to decide how he will hold the heart. See it here kiddiefoodies

Valentines Pancakes

Heart Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Here is a great way to put Valentines in your breakfast with some heart-shaped raspberry pancakes. This can also be a fun thing to do with your kids, I know mine always love to help out in the kitchen especially if it is something sweet. See the how to steps here thekitchn.