Summer Charming String Lights DIY

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Do you also love spending time in your backyard, starting later afternoon until dusk? Just hanging out by the campfire, making s’mores with the kids. Or just sitting under the night sky having a good conversation with a dear friend over a bottle of cold beer. You might be also thinking of hosting a dinner party under the night sky. You can help create the perfect mood with the right lighting. Here’s a super easy and charming DIY that you can do.

Summer Charming String Lights DIY

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Isn’t it enchanting? The yarns and wood make the look more rustic. It’s time to take out those lights that you used for Christmas. Make it a lovely summer.

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Transform Old Tin Cans into Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting

We hate waste. And we hate throwing things away that can still be recycled. Your old paint tin cans that have already gone dry, milk cans, and others tin cans that you can find in your garage or kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful and rustic outdoor lighting. They can be perfect in your porch or balcony. And it’s not as hard as you think.

Transform Old Tin Cans into Outdoor Lighting

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Get your outdoor rated pendant lighting kits wiring, switches, romex wiring, hooks, and other tools to get you started. It’s a nice project if you want to spend some lazy night outside or are entertaining guests in your backyard.

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