Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe – Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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This Sunday, think about your mom. Think about all the moms, your friends, colleagues, and family. You know too well how hard they work. Give them a reason to spend some time to just relax and de-stress, even at the comfort of their own home. This Mother’s Day, make homemade bath bombs as a gift.

Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe - Mother's Day Gift Idea

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Bath bombs make a good Mother’s Day gift. A homemade one makes it even more special. It’s fun making a batch of these and you can save money too if you are planning on giving them to a number of your friends.

Charm Fons Metal Bath Bomb Mold - DIY

Homemade Lemon Chamomile Bath Salts

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When you know where to look, you won’t ran out of gift ideas or party favors. You might be helping a friend with her wedding favors or you are thinking of giving something to your friends to celebrate Mother’s Day, homemade bath salts can be a great idea. It’s easy to make and it doesn’t cost a lot. Anyone who’ll receive this as a gift would surely appreciate it.

Homemade Lemon Chamomile Bath Salts

Full Details at Town & Country Living.

For surely you already have some essential oil in your kitchen. Epson salts can easily be purchased from your local beauty store. Have fun!

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Rose Milk Bath Bomb

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It’s May and Mother’s Day is just a week away. Okay, we need to think of a nice and warming gift to give. And since mothers deserve love and pampering, we are thinking a gift basket! If you are planning to give a gift not just for your mom but to your friends and colleagues as well, you can make bath bombs instead. Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to make one.

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Rose Milk Bath Bomb

Visit A Pumpkin and A Princess for instructions.

This is one way to treat a mom like a queen. If she doesn’t have the time to go to a spa, they can easily have a nice pampering time in their home. Ready to make homemade bath bombs? Use some cute molder for it too.

Level Naturals Bath Bombs Mixed 6-pk

Last-minute Grocery Store Cake Makeover

You are celebrating someone’s birthday or you have any cause to celebrate but you are too busy with work that you no longer have the time for anything else. So what do you do? Do some last-minute cake purchase. You can’t go with a nice cake. The problem with store-bought items though is that they lack individuality. But no worries. You can always do a quick makeover to make your cake prettier.

Last-minute Grocery Store Cake Makeover

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See? With a little creativity, they will never know you bought it from a store. 😉 Next time when you have all the time in the world, you can bake. Get this great cookbook to get an idea and make sure you have every tool you need.

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