Chic Fabric Laundry Basket DIY

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Clothes laying everywhere can easily make any room look untidy. So for that dilemma comes a beautiful laundry bag tutorial. What we love about it is that it looks so crisp, clean, and of course, easy to do. You can put it on the floor or hang it anywhere. It’s also great for carrying your laundry if you need to carry them from your room to the laundry room.. Or if you don’t have a washer and dryer, the laundromat.

Chic Fabric Laundry Basket DIY

Check Tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

One trick is finding the right fabric design to compliment the room where you’re planning to put it. If you are a little bit n doubt about your sewing skills, this sewing book for beginners might help. Don’t forget your sewing kit. Have fun crafting!

Premier Prints Cactus Sundown Fabric By The Yard

Homemade Dryer Bags With Fresh Lavendar

Lavender drier sheet replacements

Scent your clothing naturally with these homemade dryer bags. I love that you can simply switch out the herbs when they get old so they are easy to update and reuse without the potential downside of commercial dryer sheets. Perfect for those with sensitive skin who still want to enjoy scented clothes out of the dryer.

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