Knitted Cafetiere Cosy DIY

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Do you love coffee? I bet you do. Who doesn’t? A morning is not the same without having a cup of this brewed goodness. For those who are quite particular about their cup of Joe, you can keep them warm longer. How? By using a cosy.

Knitted Cafetiere Cosy DIY

Learn how at The Crafty Gentleman.

Oh it would really be nice so you can truly enjoy your coffee longer. Cosy can be knitted easily. Of course you can choose your own yarns for your own taste.

Are you just starting to learn how to knit? Read this book and make sure you have all the knitting things that you need.

The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

Easy “Plush Knit Bag” Pattern

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When you are a girl, you know you need to coordinate your outfit. We can empathize when you can’t find a bag that goes with your favorite dress. But buying every time something doesn’t fit your taste can be so pricey. So what can you do? Make your own.

Easy Plush Knit Bag Pattern

Full Pattern at Mama in A Stitch.

Knitting can be so much fun! And it’ll be more fun after you’ve finished your creation. You can start with something easy to work with, like a chunky yarn and large needles.

Super Chunky Yarn

Online Knitting Class