Safe Teething Necklace DIY

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Making your own stuff always makes sense when it comes to saving money. Just like teething necklaces for your little one. You can make sure you are using the right and materials making sure they are safe. Plus, you get to personalize it too. And you can make one so easily.

Safe Teething Necklace DIY

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It’s fun to know that there are organic silicone or wooden beads out there in different varieties. What you need are chords and clasps for your accessories. If you already got the kit, you can make more than teething necklace. You can get this book for inspirations. Hey, when you get a hold of making your own accessories, they’d make a lovely gift or you can make a small business out of it. Have fun crafting!

Amyster DIY Silicone Teething Kit Wooden Hearts