Perfect Winter Accessory – Body Chain

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During this winter season, it’s difficult to be all fashionable and trendy when you are all covered up. Sure you can have the cutest scarf or beanie, but sometimes, a girl would just love to accessorize. Don’t let this cold weather stop you. You can still put on some jewelry. You just have to find the one the goes with your winter outfit. Just like this cool body chain.

Perfect Winter Accessory - Body Chain

Learn how it is made at Gloria Fort.

Have you tried making your own jewelry? It is so much fun and you can personalize your own! Get a kit right now and you can ensure that you have the accessories that you need anytime of the year! Have fun!

Wisehands Jewelry Making Tools Kit, 16 Jewelry Making Tools, Black Zippered Case

DIY Ribbon Rose Brooch

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A pretty brooch of your own creation. Now would be a nice focal point of your outfit when you go to a party or even for a nice day out with your girl friends.

Making your own accessories is a fun hobby. You can be as creative as you want. This is a nice project that you can do during your spare time. They are also make good gifts.

DIY Ribbon Rose Brooch

Learn how at Dans le Lakehouse.

This accessories kit can help you get started on jewelry making. If you are into sewing, read this book.

Wisehands Jewelry Making Tools Kit

Classy New Year’s Eve Party Head Accessories

Are you all set for a New Year’s Eve party? We can’t wait to welcome the New Year. It always brings a new hope and beginning. It’s only fitting that we celebrate it with glam. Let’s accessorize properly to mark the event. It also doesn’t hurt to turn some heads at the party with how fabulous you look. 😉

Classy New Year’s Eve Party Accessories

Find out more at The Big Reveal.

It’s so glamorous that we will definitely try these for any upcoming party. It goes perfectly if you’re going to a 1920’s themed event. Have you made your accessories before? Start with this kit a a simple guide from this book.

Bead on a Wire Making Handcrafted Wire and Beaded Jewelry

Embroidered Polymer Clay Sashiko Necklace

Clay and embroidery. An add combination at first but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. And when you actually see a creation made with this technique, you’d be amazed. Just like this necklace. It’s soo pretty you would want to make one yourself.

Embroidered Polymer Clay Sashiko Necklace

Learn how it is made at Eskimimi Makes.

This is such a lovely accessory, right? Have you made your own jewelry or used a  polymer before? You can start with this kit and this guide book.

Beading and Embroidery Tool Kit