Jack O’Lantern Fall/Halloween Decor

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It’s officially fall season. Is your home season-ready? We know how some can really be busy with work and other things. With the right ideas, you can decorate them easily for autumn. Or if you can’t wait already, you can start decorating for Halloween! You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Employ the hands of your little ones at home. With this craft, for sure they’d be more than willing to help.

Jack O’Lantern Fall Halloween Decor

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How crafty! You have an autumn-themed porch with this terracotta pot and saucer. An easy decor idea when you don’t have much free time. Aside from that, you get to start that Halloween spirit in your home, too. It’s a fun activity to do when you think it’s still too early for pumpkin carving. Have fun crafting!

Pumpkin Carving Kit - 4-Piece Reusable Stainless Steel Tools Set with 10 Halloween Carving Pattern Stencils

Halloween Paper Straw Bats DIY

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And so it has begun. We are starting to see Halloween crafts and DIYs everywhere. Well, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. A good party is all about learning what you want to do, planning for it, and carrying your plan out. You can go all out scary this Halloween or make it a little silly. You can start with your bats display. Here’s one DIY that are cute and super fun to make.

Halloween Paper Straw Bats DIY

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We love that this craft uses paper straws. The result is just so adorable. With some glue, cardboard, twine, and wiggly eyes, you can whip this out in minutes. And you can use this idea for some other occasions too. Have fun crafting!

SOOKOO Paper Straws Drinking Decoration Straw

Recycled Golf Ball – Halloween Bat

Not sure what to do with your old golf balls? Maybe you have an avid golfer in your home and you have these extra golf balls. Well, it’s time to take them out from your storage and use them as a decor this Halloween. You have no idea what cute crafts and ideas that can be done to these balls.

Recycled Golf Ball - Halloween Bat

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What’s cool is you can re-use these golf balls for other occasions or events. And don’t forget your googly eyes to make them all look cute.

Practice Golf Balls


Barbie Zombies Halloween Lawn Display

There’s something morbid about Barbie Zombies. That’s why they are the perfect display for your lawn. And hey, if you’re looking for Halloween decoration a la walking dead style, this can be it. And of course, you must not be sorry as regards to using your old Barbies for this purpose.

Barbie Zombies Halloween Lawn Display

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Are you up for the challenge of scaring your guests away? Maybe impress them with your horde of Barbie zombies. Get your toys and paints and let’s make an army of walkers.

Zombie Girls