Fall Felt Leaves Craft

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It’s officially the first day of autumn. Cheers to those who love this season like we do! The leaves! Oh the wonderful smell of those leaves and their colors. If you are not having that sight yet on your yard ground, you can get started with some leaf crafts.

Fall Felt Leaves Craft

Learn how at Hellobee.

It’s such a fun craft. And these felt leaves would be more fun to do it with the kids. Have fun!

Paper Crafts Supplies

Thanksgiving Craft – Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

Looking for some more craft projects that you can do for with your kids? Since it’s Thanksgiving soon, let’s make a craft that will remind us more of this yearly tradition. What more can be more festive than the turkey? Make a craft that you can use while you tell the kids a Thanksgiving story.

Thanksgiving Craft - Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

Find out more at I Heart Crafty Things.

We are mesmerized by this craft’s simplicity. We also love how it uses cupcake liners. So creative! Now we just need to find some papers and craft sticks. Let’s get started.

Fall Cupcake Liners

Simple Fall Leaf Soaps

What most people don’t know is that it’s so easy to make your own soap. What’s more fun is that you can customize it to whatever scent you want and for what purpose (e.g. scrubbing, lessen oily face, moisturizing, etc.). And since it’s fall, let’s make it themed to the season.

Simple Fall Leaf Soaps

Learn how at Say Yes.

Want to start making your own soap? It’s quite easy. You can get started with this kit. Or, get this block of glycerin soap base and cookie cutters.

Glycerin Soap Base