String Easter Eggs DIY

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Getting ready for Easter? Maybe you haven’t started decorating your house yet because it is still cold in your area. No worries. Spring will surely come and so does Easter. For the meantime, all you can do is so some spring or Easter themed crafts. This string Easter egg craft would surely be perfect.

String Easter Eggs DIY

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These will create a lovely and festive display on your table. Not only that, they are sure fun to make too. Get your embroidery floss or yarn, glue, and water balloons and make this a fun bonding time with everyone. Have fun crafting!

ZURU Bunch O Balloons

Plastic Easter Eggs – Mini Planters

So, did the kids have a lot of fun last Easter? I bed they did and enjoyed looking for those eggs with those sweet treats inside. But now that it’s over and all the candies have been eaten, what’s left are empty plastic eggs. If you are wondering what you can do with them, here’s an idea you might want to try‚Ķ mini planters.

Plastic Easter Eggs - Mini Planters

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What a way to make use of those plastic eggs, right? Paint them nice and dry then, you can either put them near your window or in your patio for a greener environment.

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Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg DIY Soaps

Share the love and Easter spirit with your friends and colleagues by giving them gifts. What would be more appropriate than Easter eggs? Why not chocolates egg soaps? Everyone loves chocolates and it would awesome to use a soap that looks and smells like chocolates.

Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg DIY Soaps

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Do you love the making soaps? If you are just starting, you will enjoy this soap-making kit and book so you can try different designs. Just make sure you supervise the kids when you are doing this craft with them.

Soap Making Kit

Easter Egg Party – Ribbon Eggs

Are excited for the Easter Egg party? For sure the kids are looking forward to that too. Looking forward to the food, cookies, the games, and of course, the Easter egg hunting. It would be a lot of fun making and hiding those cute eggs. When you make a basket full of colorful eggs, let the kids help you out. This would make them really happy being a part of the process.

Easter Egg Party - Ribbon Eggs

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It’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of materials. The adhesive ribbons are your answer if you don’t want to make a whole lot of mess using paints and glitters. You’d still have a nice result.

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