Easter Chocolate Bunny DIY

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Are you ready for Easter? If you are one of those who like celebrating the Savior’s resurrection, I’m sure you are already planning of things to do. Dressing up and going to the church, hosting a little family and friends party afterwards, and thinking of foods to prepare. And of course, you can’t forget about your little bunny treats for the little ones. Make your party as festive as you can. It’s all about the details just like this chocolate bunny.

Easter Chocolate Bunny DIY

Instructions at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

What we love about this chocolate bunny is that you don’t really need much. We love how it reveals some sprinkles and more surprise inside. Ready your bunny chocolate mold and get crafting.

Cybrtrayd E444 Bite Size Bunnies Chocolate

Easy Easter Bunny Craft

There are a lot of Easter activities that you can do with your child. For sure you and your kids are one of those who love celebrating Easter. And no Easter is complete without some bunnies. And you can celebrate this occasion with an uber simple and trendy Easter bunny ears.

Easy Easter Bunny Craft

Go to Lia Griffith for the pattern.

Isn’t it cute? And quite easy to make as well. Way to make use of your old or unused headband. Add some felt and do this fun craft with the children. Have a happy Easter.

Skinny Plastic Headbands

DIY Stuffed Easter Bunny Doll

Easter is not complete without the Easter Bunny. Kids would be delighted to have a bunny rabbit to deliver their Easter Eggs to them. So for another Easter craft, let’s make some cute Easter bunny stuffed doll. It would also be a nice companion for your kids during the night.

DIY Stuffed Easter Bunny Doll

Learn More at Snugglebug University.

The little tots would surely love these dolls. I can already imagine them not letting it out of their sight. Learn more about what you can sew with the help of this book. Interested in an online class? You can enroll here.

11 Dolls with Clothes and Accessories to Sew