DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath Decor

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Pistachios are not only healthy but they are fun to eat too. You can pass the time just peeling those shells and enjoying munching those nuts. The little nuisance is cleaning up the shells afterwards. But you know what? Those shells are good for something. Think before you throw them away because you can create something beautiful out of them.

DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath

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Who knew it’s made out of pistachio shells? It’s amazing to see what you can do with a little creativity. This one sure needs a lot of patience and hot glue, and paint, but it sure is worth it. Look at how pretty it is.

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DIY Spring Wreath

Does it feel like a long winter already? We are so looking forward to spring. We know you do, too. SO, let’s welcome it accordingly. A flower wreath that gives us a glimpse of the springtime that’s to come. And you know that wreath that you used for Christmas or even Halloween? Re-use it. No matter what it is. đŸ˜‰

DIY Spring Wreath

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We love recycling things. This wreath idea can be used for whatever occasion or season. You can design it to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find the right garland and glue and work your magic. Have fun!

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