Beautiful Summer Lavender Wreath

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We’ve seen lots of wreaths before but this one is probably the prettiest and loveliest wreath we’ve seen. A wreath made of fresh lavenders.

You can indeed put a cheer on your front door, greeting you and your guests when you enter. The luxurious fragrant is also therapeutic as it makes you feel relaxed. That tranquility is what you need after a stressful day at work. It lasts for months and dry up well. And you can easily make this one. Check out this tutorial.

Beautiful Summer Lavender Wreath

Go to Country Hill Cottage.

Lavender flowers are abundant during summer. Get your wreath base. Straw or wire works too. Use wire cutter just to be safe. And top your beautiful wreath with a ribbon and make your home a little cozy and smelling lovely. Have fun crafting!

Wire Wreath Frame

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Paper Fan Wreath

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You don’t have to be an Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Gather your friends, wear all green, and enjoy some good ol’ Irish beer. You can enjoy in an Irish pub or have a party in your own home. Of course, you don’t want to disappoint your guests. Throw a party that they won’t forget. You can start with your decorations. A festive wall wreath on your door to greet them when they arrive.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Paper Fan Wreath

Check out Design Improvised.

What we love about this craft is it can be redesigned to whatever party or celebration. Paper crafts sure are fun and there are a lot more fun paper stuff you can do. Make it a weekend or spare time project with the kids. Have a fun!

Paper Craft

Gorgeous Fall Wreath DIY

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How is your fall so far? Are you loving it, too? From the lovely colors of the autumn tree leaves to the colder weather. From apples to pumpkin spices, and of course, pumpkins and gourds. They are the very definition of fall. If you just started feeling it, there is still plenty of time to do so. Decorate your front door with a stunning gilded pumpkin wreath.

Gorgeous Fall Wreath DIY

Learn how at Saved by Love Creations.

This is a great way to use those cheap artificial pumpkins and gourds you used last year or maybe you can find these in a thrift store. Paint them nice and well and you have yourself a gorgeous decor.

Ehdching Pack of 16 Artificial Realistic Fall Harvest Mini Pumpkins for Halloween Home Decoration

DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath Decor

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Pistachios are not only healthy but they are fun to eat too. You can pass the time just peeling those shells and enjoying munching those nuts. The little nuisance is cleaning up the shells afterwards. But you know what? Those shells are good for something. Think before you throw them away because you can create something beautiful out of them.

DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath

Check out KS Craft Shack.

Who knew it’s made out of pistachio shells? It’s amazing to see what you can do with a little creativity. This one sure needs a lot of patience and hot glue, and paint, but it sure is worth it. Look at how pretty it is.

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