Adorable Easter Bunny Ears/Sun Catcher

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looking for ways to make your Easter Sunday party more fun? Are you done decorating your Easter eggs? How about the snacks? How about your party decorations, buntings, bunny balloons, spring flowers? Yes? Then it sounds like you are all set. But let’s add one more. It’s a DIY that can be done in minutes and would surely be loved by the children. Easter bunny ears hat.

Adorable Easter Bunny Ears Sun Catcher

Go to Delia Creates.

These bunny ears are so cute. Indoors, they are just cute bunny ears but they double as sun catchers when they go running around outside. This is a super easy paper craft that you can do easily. And you can let the kids help too. You can do all the tissue paper cutting while you can let them do all the stapling and gluing. 😀

Have fun crafting and have a happy Easter.

Paper Made

Marbled Paper DIY

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Mass-produced cards are convenient, so are text messages and email greeting cards. But nothing says special more than cards you made on your own. They are treasured by both the one who made it and the recipient. The amount of time and effort put into it should tell already how SPECIAL it is.

If you still prefer it the old-fashion way of card-giving here’s an fun paper crafts DIY that you can do that the kids would surely love.

Marbled Paper DIY

Go to Happy Hooligans for the details.

We love the marble effect the shaving cream and food coloring create. You can also make these papers as gift wrappers. This is a craft you can look forward doing over the weekend.

Want to learn more paper crafts? Check out this book. Have fun!

Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts Supplies

DIY Paper Plant

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Plants and flowers that require less maintenance and attention? You can make them out of papers. If you are into crafting, especially paper crafts, then you will love this project. Your plants don’t need watering and can still give you the same effect as the real ones.

DIY Paper Plant

Full tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

Learn more paper crafts with this book. You learn with the help of others as well. Make sure you have your papers ready.

Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand

Make Your Own Lovely Paper Flowers

You’ll never know when you will be hosting a party or throwing one for a friend. When this time comes, you might need help with the gift, venue decorations, or for centerpieces. Why not make for all? Go ahead and try this easy to make paper flower crafts. We think it’s so lovely and would make any party favor lovelier.

Make Your Own Lovely Paper Flowers

Visit Ginger Snap Crafts for the tutorial.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Get your own flower punch board and some cute patterned papers and start crafting.

Flower Punch Board