Super Chic Crepe Paper Necklace – DIY

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Just when you wouldn’t have thought about using paper to for your accessories, you couldn’t be more wrong. Having a couple of jewelries is so handy when you need something to grab that goes well with your #ootd. So what would be more neat than making your own accessories that looks good with what you’re wearing? This way, you are certain that you have what you need for that perfect and stylish outfit of the day. Learn how it is made on the blog link below.

Super Chic Crepe Paper Necklace - DIY

Visit The House That Lars Built.

You can make your own accessories just all you like with this book. And this crepe paper material being used makes a stunning effect. Try it. Make sure you have the tools, too. Have fun crafting.

Beadalon 7-Piece Tool Kit Zip Pouch

Easy-to-Make Necklace

We like things that are simple. We link things that are easy. And most of all, we like things that are inexpensive. Just like with accessories. We know that those we find at the stores can cost a lot. It doesn’t have to be costly to be trendy or to be fashionable. The simple solution to this, make your own.

Easy-to-Make Necklace

Find out how easy it is to make at The Lovely Drawer.

Have you made your own accessory before? Use colored threads according to your preference. Learn more about making your own jewelries with the help of this book and this tool kit to get you started.

Jewelry Making Tool Kit

Embroidered Polymer Clay Sashiko Necklace

Clay and embroidery. An add combination at first but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. And when you actually see a creation made with this technique, you’d be amazed. Just like this necklace. It’s soo pretty you would want to make one yourself.

Embroidered Polymer Clay Sashiko Necklace

Learn how it is made at Eskimimi Makes.

This is such a lovely accessory, right? Have you made your own jewelry or used a  polymer before? You can start with this kit and this guide book.

Beading and Embroidery Tool Kit

DIY Leather and Chain Ladder Necklace

Are you looking for a funky accessory that you can wear anywhere? Something that can add style to your ensemble? A little bit of chain and leather is the perfect combination to make a gorgeous necklace to make your outfit more dressy.

DIY Leather and Chain Ladder Necklace

Learn how to make it from Transient Expression.

Have you made your own jewelry or accessory before? This book might help. You can also enroll in an online jewelry making class or you can get this kit to help you get started in making your own jewelry collection.

Jewelry Basics Class In A Box Kit