Old and Rusty Chair Frame Makeover

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When you are in a garage sale, you sometimes find items that you never knew you could turn into a gem. All you need is a keen eye and a promise to give a little TLC to what object catches your eyes. Just like how this rusty metal was turned into a lovely macramé hammock.

Old and Rusty Chair Frame Makeover

Check out Fish and Bull.

It’s just oh-so-lovely. And oh-so-comfy. It’s nice to just sit and read a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The chair was given a new paint job and with some rope weaving, it turns out beautifully.

Rope King TP-1450W Twisted Poly Rope - White

Spend a Nice Lazy Afternoon With a DIY Hammock

The weather is perfect to take the afternoon outside, lay back and relax along with your ice-cold drink. We sometimes long for than refreshing and serene moments alone where you can unwind and smell the fresh air, or just simply take a good nap. The perfect summer project for this craft is a hammock so you can have a nice and lazy afternoon.

Spend a Nice Lazy Afternoon With a DIY Hammock

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