Spooky Skull Rocks – Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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It’s the weekend before Halloween! For sure, you are probably no plans for a weekend getaway and will spend it making costumes, preparing for the decorations, and thinking about spooky-themed food to make for your party. You don’t have to do these alone. Let your kids help you out. Give them something to do and they’ll appreciate the party even more. This craft is easy enough for your children to keep their hands busy.

Spooky Skull Rocks - Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

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The materials for these are so easy to find. If you are a crafter, you probably already have acrylic paint. Go to your backyard and look for smooth rocks. Give your kids markers and let them get creative, as spooky as they can. Don’t forget the sealer, too. Happy Halloween and have fun crafting!

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint 4-oz tube, Titanium White

DIY Halloween Drink Stirrers

Will you be entertaining guests this Halloween? Throw the best Halloween party ever. Be as scary and as creative as you can be when it comes to your costume, decorations, and food. Plan it well and pay attention to every detail. Just like your drinks. You can dress them up with fun and scary stirrers.

DIY Halloween Drink Stirrers

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These Halloween sticker stirrers will surely give more life to your party. Serve your drinks with them. If you need an idea of what concoction to make, read this book.

Halloween Party Drinks

Recycled Halloween Candy Containers

Recycle and repurpose. That’s what we would like to hear when we are crafting. As much as we want, we don’t want to spend much when we do our project, right? Just like for our preparation for the upcoming Halloween! Use and old or empty containers as baskets for your decor and candy containers.

Recycled Halloween Candy Containers

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Is you have any carton from buying a bucket of chicken, don’t throw it away. Recycle it to have a place where you can put your candies. Or use some cardboard and take out your paint and make it work. 😉

Halloween Ceramic Candy Bowl

Special Halloween Kids Treat – Vampire Suckers

Halloween is special for children. Make their trick-or-treat experience even more special. How? When you give them their treats, make an extra effort in decorating them. Here’s a simple idea that we just adore. It’s quite easy to make too. This would also go lovely, or spooky, along with the treats or snacks on your Halloween table.

Special Halloween Kids Treat - Vampire Suckers

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They’re cute little suckers, aren’t they? Now are you ready to rock this holiday? Get your candies ready, felt, googly eyes and do some little DIYs.

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