Last-Minute Gift Idea – Reindeer Sleep Mask

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Winter is really here. The weather is cold and we all just want to stay in bed and stay warm under the sheets. If you are still thinking about what to give your

Can’t believe Christmas is just less than a week away. Unfortunately, holidays to some of our friends also means extended hours and over time work. No more room to squeeze in some shopping and looking for the perfect gift for your friends. They just have enough time to sleep. Maybe it can be your perfect gift to them. Help them help sleep better throughout the holiday and the rest of the winter with this adorable sleep mask.

Last-Minute Gift Idea - Reindeer Sleep Mask

Check out We’re Going to Make It for Instructions.

It’s so festive! And what we love about it if that it’s so easy to make. It requires little sewing or no sewing skills at all. Plus, it needs little materials. Fabrics, felt, needles and threads, and fabric glue if you choose the no-sew version. Have fun crafting!

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Pom Pom Clutch DIY

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Okay, I think you all could agree that pompom crafts are all so adorable. Whether you like making them on your own or using a pompom maker, you can’t deny that they are so fun to make. You can make rugs, wall decor, keychain, and many more kids’ activities with them. If you are wondering what else you can make with these babies, how about making your own accessories. Like your own pompom clutch.

Pom Pom Clutch DIY

Instructions at A Kailo Chic Life.

You are missing a lot when you haven’t tried making pompom crafts. Think of all the things you can do! If you don’t have a pompom maker, you can use a carton box or use your hands. Either way, you’ll surely have a good time crafting. Enjoy!

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