Quick & Easy Drawer Organization Idea

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You look at your drawers that everything is a mess. Not only does it make things harder to find, it can disrupt your thinking too. Instead of focusing on your work, you’ll be bothered by the idea that your drawer seriously needs some organizing. Sooner rather than later.

Drawer Organization Idea

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We are so loving the different compartments. It is so you can have a place for everything of every size in your drawer. And look at those lovely papers! So chic and stylish. You can do this for your office and craft supplies, or just about anything. This is the perfect paper craft project for you to do this weekend. Crafting with a little organizing. Have fun!

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Adorable Easter Bunny Ears/Sun Catcher

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looking for ways to make your Easter Sunday party more fun? Are you done decorating your Easter eggs? How about the snacks? How about your party decorations, buntings, bunny balloons, spring flowers? Yes? Then it sounds like you are all set. But let’s add one more. It’s a DIY that can be done in minutes and would surely be loved by the children. Easter bunny ears hat.

Adorable Easter Bunny Ears Sun Catcher

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These bunny ears are so cute. Indoors, they are just cute bunny ears but they double as sun catchers when they go running around outside. This is a super easy paper craft that you can do easily. And you can let the kids help too. You can do all the tissue paper cutting while you can let them do all the stapling and gluing. 😀

Have fun crafting and have a happy Easter.

Paper Made

Fabric Basket DIY

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For all of your small and big stuff, you need somewhere to put them. Otherwise, they end up disorganized in your drawer or a big mess on the floor in your home. A clean and well-kept house helps promote calmness. So, let’s find a way to make your place homey and nice by finding a place for everything. How about making a fabric basket for your laundry or the children’s toys. Want to learn how?

Fabric Basket DIY

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There are a lot of advantages when you know how to sew. You can fix ripped clothing and you can create household things as needed just like this fabric basket. You can start with this book if you want to learn how to sew. It’s easy as long as you have the tools and sturdy machine. Then, it’s all about choosing the right kind of fabric.

Have fun crafting!

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Fun Cloud Dough DIY

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Winter means you spend a lot of time indoors. But when you want to look for ways to cure boredom, especially for the little ones, don’t worry because, there are just so many activities that you can do. Try a little bit of crafting with some sensory play. Make sure to add some color into it.

Fun Cloud Dough DIY

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What we love about this is you can find all of the materials in your kitchen, flour and vegetable oil. Food coloring just adds some fun into it. Enjoy your time indoors.

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