Easy Citrus Candles DIY

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Citruses are wonderful fruits. They don’t just taste good, they smell nice as well. If you love juicing them, you don’t have to throw away. You can make a potpourri out of them. That or you can make a fruity citrus candle. They would make a lovely table centerpiece.

Easy Citrus Candles DIY

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The next time you have a party over, you can enjoy a nice beverage but also a nice sight on your table. You just have to prepare your citrus peels, essential oils, and votive candles. It can really be a fun craft to do.

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DIY Citronella Candles – Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

We know you love summer as much as we do. The sun, the beach (even the scorching heat!), the outdoor activity, and backyard fun! But unfortunately, this is also means mosquitoes. I mean, can’t we enjoy our backyard night camping, with s’mores on hand, in peace? Urgh! And we hate bug sprays too. So when you tried everything and it didn’t work out for you, make your own citronella candles to shoo those pests away.

DIY Citronella Candles - Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

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Have you tried making your own scented candles? Read how to get started with the help of this book. This beginner’s kit will have everything you need.

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