Straw Bag Makeover DIY

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For some ladies, being stylish is sometimes essential. Now that we have reached the season when we spend more time outside, hitting the beach or just hanging out anywhere under the sun, we want to be fashionable too.

Now beach bags are a must-have when you are traveling or heading to the beach. They are really handy in carrying all of our necessities. Here is a simple way to give a straw beach bag a fun and colorful vibe without spending too much time and money doing so.

Straw Bag Makeover DIY

Details at burkatron.

It’s super easy, right? The pompoms are just a great detail and it adds more depth to your straw bag. You don’t have to buy a bunch of them. You can easily make them from your leftover yarns. You’re ready to hit the beach!

Clover Large Pom Pom Maker

Crochet Yarn Tote Perfect for a Beach Getaway

The weather is getting warmer. And for sure, you will be hitting the beach soon. We long to feel the wind on our face and the sun on our skin. Whether or not you are already planning your beach getaway, you can look forward to it and plan ahead. Swimsuits, sun block, shades, and, of course, your own tote bag.

Crochet Yarn Tote Perfect for a Beach Getaway

Step-by-step tutorial at Hands Occupied.

Use your free time to start crocheting your own tote bag and other accessories. If you are just learning this craft, make sure you have the complete crochet set and yarn. Read this book for beginners as well. Have fun!

Crochet Kit

Summer Craft – DIY No Sew Beach Tote

No matter what anyone says, summer means beach. And when you plan to go to the beach, it also means sunblock, towel, shades, and other important things. You need a big bag to put all of these. What you need is a tote! And why buy a new one when you can make one. The best part is that you don’t have to have a sewing experience to create it.

Summer Craft - DIY No Sew Beach Tote

Learn this craft at Homey Oh My.

So are you ready for the beach? Grab your materials and start making your own tote bag. Oh, don’t forger your sunscreen and flip flops as well. Enjoy!