Rope Tote Bag DIY

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Any mom, or just about all women, could relate, we all need a big bag that could carry all our things. Not just our things. The baby stuff too. We all need that bag that we could wear to the beach or to the grocery store but without having to look so outdated. And you can without spending a lot of money. How? By making it yourself, of course. Just take a look at this simply charming.

Rope Tote Bag DIY

Learn how at We Are Scout.

Amazing, huh? And it’s made of rope! You would be proud to strut it when doing your grocery shopping or when you are having a nice day out with friends. It’s so spacious too. The paint makes a stunning finishing touch. Or you can use a colored rope. Have a fun time crafting.

FMS Super Soft Triple-Strand

Easy “Plush Knit Bag” Pattern

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When you are a girl, you know you need to coordinate your outfit. We can empathize when you can’t find a bag that goes with your favorite dress. But buying every time something doesn’t fit your taste can be so pricey. So what can you do? Make your own.

Easy Plush Knit Bag Pattern

Full Pattern at Mama in A Stitch.

Knitting can be so much fun! And it’ll be more fun after you’ve finished your creation. You can start with something easy to work with, like a chunky yarn and large needles.

Super Chunky Yarn

Online Knitting Class