Back-to-School Craft – Back Pack Makeover

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Going back to school, we know how excited kids can be seeing their old classmates again and meeting new friends. Some kids want to stand out when they go back among the crowd. Maybe yours need convincing to make their new school year exciting. Here’s one way to do so. Make their plain back pack into something more!

Back-to-School Craft - Back Pack Makeover

Learn how at The Craft Blog.

These cute creations are the perfect back-to-school crafts. And we are already thinking that they would look good too during Halloween! There so much you can do with this idea using just felt and glue! It’s so silly and we are so loving it. Give it a try.

Have fun crafting!

Life Glow DIY Polyester Soft Felt Fabric Squares Sheets

Back-to-School: Stitched Notebook Covers DIY

It’s back-to-school time again. Are you happy with all those school supplies you have purchased for your kids? If that crafty person inside you has kicked in, you can make their notebooks more interesting and personalized. You can stitch their covers with striking designs. Get the kids to help you out for fun!

Back-to-School Stitched Notebooks DIY

Learn the process at How Did You Make This.

Stitching is fun right? You can learn more about stitching with this book.

Modern Hand Stitching

Back-to-School Snack – Alphabet Muffin

It’s back-to-school time again and for sure parents would be busy again making sure that the kids got everything they need. This is the time that we won’t be there to look after them and monitor if they’re eating healthy foods or not. So to ensure that they don’t grab one of those empty-calorie snacks, you better make one for them instead.

Back-to-School Snack - Alphabet Muffin

Read how at Willowday.

It’s a healthy alternative, right? They sure will have fun eating them too. If you want to start learning how to bake, you can enroll in an online class, read this book, or get this starter kit. Have fun!

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