Thanksgiving Craft – Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

Looking for some more craft projects that you can do for with your kids? Since it’s Thanksgiving soon, let’s make a craft that will remind us more of this yearly tradition. What more can be more festive than the turkey? Make a craft that you can use while you tell the kids a Thanksgiving story.

Thanksgiving Craft - Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

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We are mesmerized by this craft’s simplicity. We also love how it uses cupcake liners. So creative! Now we just need to find some papers and craft sticks. Let’s get started.

Fall Cupcake Liners

Homemade Bird seed Wreath for feeding birds

I'm trying this one! - Bird seed wreath craft for the whole family.

Here is a great project for all you bird watchers out there. This will attract all types of birds for you to sit back and enjoy and even photograph if you want. This can even be a good craft project for kids – they can even see how many bird species they can name that frequent the wreath.

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