Healthy Homemade Bread Recipe With Seeds

Homemade multi-grain bread recipe

This homemade bread recipe has healthy ingredients in it with whole seeds and grains for added flavor, texture and nutrition. Oats, flax and sunflower seeds all make an appearance in this multi-grain bread recipe that is sure to please.

See the full recipe (translation to English is needed) at ieva Design.

How to Grow an Insane Garden With Hay Bales

Straw bale garden - great veggies with little fuss!

Look at this garden! It’s gorgeous. Healthy, huge plants are grwoing so well because the entire area they are growing in is food for them to consume and they aren’t competing with a bunch of weeds. Less work for you too. If you’re planning a garden this year you might want to see this technique.

Tutorial at Modern Farmer.